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NEW MIX end of 2010

we are finishing up e new year so i made a mix of music from 2010. it’s more like a mixtape,  songs that i like from 2010.

some electronica, rock, hip-hop, stuff that i usually listen to. have a great year finale

Download Here


Tim Exile – A Little Bit More
Free Moral Agents – When I Smile
Trans AM – Black Matter
Pure Reason Revolution – Last Man, Last Round
Gorrillaz – Some Kind Of Nature feat Lou Reed
Deru – Peanut Butter & Patience
Deepspace 5 – Geronimo
Carribou – Kaili
Open Hand – Son Of A Gun
Necro – Die!
The Streets – Trust me
The Go Find – Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Jimmy Eat World – My Best Theory
Holy Fuck – Red Lights
Just Like Vinyl – The Circulatory System
Unkle – Ever Rest feat Joel Cadbury
God IS An Astronaut – Worlds In Collision
Crystal Castles – Not In Love feat Robert Smith
David Lynch – Good Day Today
Grimace Federation – Bosice (butchered by Aesop Rock)
Anathema – Thin Air


noua piesa de halloween + cel mai tare comment ever

Resonator - FromBeyond  Pic2







cometul aici:

b0gdanmarcu:  foarte tare piesa de halovin ca un cantec de craciun futut si rescris respiduit reinversat si totush nu iti day bomboanele din buzunar ci doar vomitzi in taxi

in alta ordine de idei sunt mahmur, nu mai stiu daca am ajuns sau nu sa vomit ieri in taxi dar posibilitatea exista

o crima placuta va doresc

mimi octomrie 2009


SMMLIVE@DEALUFRUMOS2008 feat. cover by N.E.U.R.O.



info about the live act is here

also 2 bonus songs

and here is a live variation from one of them feat. waka on fx and camil on bass guitar.

cheers 😉

The New Cannibalistic mix with a New and Awesome Logo by P.N.E.A.

Takes your soul on the eve of judgement day as the armies of darkness
Irradicate life and we all go to hell and satan fucks your wife.

as the

end of the world is approaching i thought it’s a good time for a new mix, a hip-hop mix with music from 2008. the first of many “end of the year” hip hop mixes. folder contains the mix, the tracklist and a 1999 song to good to miss, an “event song”, Biohazard feat. sticky fingaz feat. christian olde wolbers feat. igor cavalera feat. a lot of people. it’s like the best song to finish a good year with. here’s the cover and the download link



TREI PASTORI – ringtones


hello kitties, we thought about you a lot so we decided to give some to you, some ringtones we made, maybe we’ll do something with one of them but until then it’s yours. ciao


Trei Pastori want to ask you out

Trei Pastori thought that you would like to hear some music so they compiled a mix for you. They also think your cute and want to ask you out. muah baby


ps: check out the first song. it’s not finished yet but still ok for our first ever mix