NEW MIX end of 2010

we are finishing up e new year so i made a mix of music from 2010. it’s more like a mixtape,  songs that i like from 2010.

some electronica, rock, hip-hop, stuff that i usually listen to. have a great year finale

Download Here


Tim Exile – A Little Bit More
Free Moral Agents – When I Smile
Trans AM – Black Matter
Pure Reason Revolution – Last Man, Last Round
Gorrillaz – Some Kind Of Nature feat Lou Reed
Deru – Peanut Butter & Patience
Deepspace 5 – Geronimo
Carribou – Kaili
Open Hand – Son Of A Gun
Necro – Die!
The Streets – Trust me
The Go Find – Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Jimmy Eat World – My Best Theory
Holy Fuck – Red Lights
Just Like Vinyl – The Circulatory System
Unkle – Ever Rest feat Joel Cadbury
God IS An Astronaut – Worlds In Collision
Crystal Castles – Not In Love feat Robert Smith
David Lynch – Good Day Today
Grimace Federation – Bosice (butchered by Aesop Rock)
Anathema – Thin Air


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