briefing 6.0 “long live the new flesh”

we are approaching the end of 2009; i’m turning into a vampire having in mind that i almost always miss the light of day; 2012 is out and selling and i’m starting to work on a short spin of from my chapter in 2012 and a new longer neo-noir comic book set in the summer of 1942 in arad.


today especially things seem a little wierd on this side of the terminal: before i could realize shit about today the sun was allready gone and that little funny thing i like to check out from time to time is insanely poetic hahaha:


taurus: Your life is like an empty book that other people write in. The ones you choose, allow, or force their way into your life are the characters that make up a part of who you are. By knowing that and the characters of the Zodiac sign you were born under, you can determine a lot about yourself.

and for that i thank you captain obvious.



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