“vor veni zile fericite pentru muritori”

pagina 7_2

pagina 8 cadru sldat2

Zile Fericite Artwork repor

Galactic Supermarket is back and i’m proud to announce that i’m officialy back in the comic book “busyness”

the new short it’s called Zile Fericite (Hapy Days) and i’ll make sure you hear about it when it’s out

it wount be alone, that’s all i’m aloud to say 😉


2 thoughts on ““vor veni zile fericite pentru muritori”

  1. a.l.k.m.y. says:

    looks like the end of the world…happy days indeed :D…(daydreaming)

  2. mimi says:

    hehehe, cam asa si e 😉

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