Ode to Soulseek

Today i just realized that 10 years have passed since i found Soulseek, for anyone that doesn’t know Soulseek (slsk) is a filesharing software/client mainly used for sharing music.

Back in the day the most famous filesharing client (and this is long before “torrent” was even invented) was Kazza used mainly for…porn of course, speeds where very low and connection to the internet was expensive so you had to think twice over which movie to download. Trying to get music was a pain in the ass, Kazza’s search engine would give you results over the exact name of the songs you search so downloading a full album would be difficult. Chances where that the user would sing out and you would have to edit the names of the songs afterwards to look like an album because every file was spelled differently. I also have to mention the huge amount of bogus files, songs like “Korn feat. Slipknot feat. Limp Biskit feat. The Cure feat. A Perfect Circle feat. Orgy feat. DMX feat. Crystal Method – Hey Man Nice Shot” where all over the place. Suddenly Placebo “was” playing Where Is My Mind (by the Pixies, to this day i still meat people who want to murder me because i claim that it’s not their song) Junkie XL was Prodigy and Donnie Darko was a porn movie made in France.

When i say the speeds where low i mean LOW. Think about 4 kbps being the highest speed. I remember downloading Tricky’s Vulnerable in 8 hours (all night long download) and i had the luck to really have all the songs (as i said users could sing off) Also in 2 days i took Donnie Darko (i still have the cd around somewhere) and even like this i was feeling that no piece of information can get pass me. This until i came to a point where Kazza could not find rare stuff like Omikron The Nomad Soul (game scored by Bowie), Divi-Dead (a japanese bishoujo-horror game) Outcast (game) or Tokyo Decadence (japanese film) and so i found E-Donkey, a clone of Kazza but with a more apple-ish look way more sophisticated but utterly empty. Still i could find what i was looking for even if a had to wait 2 weeks until i could have Outcast for example. All good but music was still hard to find until a friend told me “Dude check out this client, it’s called Soulseek and it’s mainly for music” i was like “WAAATH?! i need to rush home”

So 10 years (aprox) have passed. Torrents revolutionized sharing and the main source for music is straight in your browser (hopefully you don’t use IE) through many blogs but still from time to time i remember an album, a most obscure album and Slsk delivers. 10 years after i realize not just that slsk is still alive and kicking but at the same time is the most efficient time travel machine invented by man.

Cheers Slsk


Bedroom music


Galactic Supermarket v2.0 beta

i opened this new version of the blog back at Posterous to see if i’m more comfortable with they’re platform since WordPress started to suck.


NEW MIX end of 2010

we are finishing up e new year so i made a mix of music from 2010. it’s more like a mixtape,  songs that i like from 2010.

some electronica, rock, hip-hop, stuff that i usually listen to. have a great year finale

Download Here


Tim Exile – A Little Bit More
Free Moral Agents – When I Smile
Trans AM – Black Matter
Pure Reason Revolution – Last Man, Last Round
Gorrillaz – Some Kind Of Nature feat Lou Reed
Deru – Peanut Butter & Patience
Deepspace 5 – Geronimo
Carribou – Kaili
Open Hand – Son Of A Gun
Necro – Die!
The Streets – Trust me
The Go Find – Everybody Knows It’s Gonna Happen Only Not Tonight
Jimmy Eat World – My Best Theory
Holy Fuck – Red Lights
Just Like Vinyl – The Circulatory System
Unkle – Ever Rest feat Joel Cadbury
God IS An Astronaut – Worlds In Collision
Crystal Castles – Not In Love feat Robert Smith
David Lynch – Good Day Today
Grimace Federation – Bosice (butchered by Aesop Rock)
Anathema – Thin Air